Piano Lessons with Janina

Piano lessons in the Seattle-Tacoma area since 1993

The Educational Program

Janina believes it is never too early or too late to begin music lessons. Her youngest students are less then four years old, but older adults are also taking her lessons. She uses Roland technology and an interactive music theory software to enrich the process of teaching. Considering the age differences among Janina's students, her educational curriculum is understandably very flexible, corresponding to the students' needs as well as their concentration and skill-level abilities.

While Janina's curriculum focuses on classical music, she is capable of changing the instructional program based on a student's desire and interest. Even though her lessons are highly organized and well structured, she is extremely patient with her students, always adjusting to students' performance levels  and their individual progress. Janina teaches individual as well as group lessons. While she understands the value of group teaching especially for the music theory, she believes that the instructions are most valuable when she can fully focus on one student at the time. Curriculum includes music reading, interpretation, performing, music theory, ear training.